FFMPEG Customize Boot Splash Android Device

NBIMG is a Tool to customize boot splash for "htc device" NBIMG is converting tools NB/IMG <--> BMP visa versa ... FFMPEG is a built in tools in Linux, and usable to create boot splash for smart phone.

  1. How to Install FFMPEG into your Linux PC system
  2. Please liase with Software Packaging Manager applicable for your linux distro, debian based linux distro ( including Ubuntu ) using synaptic software manager with famous command apt-get or aptitude
    • Since I used gentoo linux. emerge is powerful tools for installing software via portage
    • In Gentoo linux, If we swicthed on ffmpeg use flag either globally or locally, ffmpeg package will be automatically installed
    • Otherwise we need to install .... Just emerge
    • # emerge -DNuq ffmpeg [enter]
    ffmpeg capable to convert jpg or png image file into *.img file flashable via fastboot straight away

  3. FFMPEG Create Boot Splash for smart phone device
    • Grab or make one up a JPG, JPEG, PNG image file on your device resolution size
    • Put somewhere in the folder within your login user folder ( Just for easy )
    • Let say we put an jpg image with size 540 x 960 px in a folder /home/user/splash I made one for htc sensation, thus for easy remember I put name for image is sensation-splash.jpd
      $ cd /home/user/splash
      $ ls
    • Real FUN .. run a command in terminal within splash folder where jpd image stored
    • $ ffmpeg -i sensation-splash.jpg -f rawvideo -pix_fmt rgb565 sensation-splash1.img [ enter ]
      $ ls
      sensasion-splash.jpg sensation-splash.img
    • File named : sensation-splash.img is flashable image splash1 for your "htc device" via fastboot
  4. Flashing Boot Splash into Device
    • Your device must be S-OFF to safely flashed this image via fastboot
    • I personally DID NOT TRY on Locked bootloader device, but unlocked bootloader will ensure for safe
    • Boot device into fastboot state
    • $ fastboot flash splash1 sensation-splash.img [enter]
      sending 'splash1' (1012 KB)...
      OKAY [ 0.163s]
      writing 'splash1'...
      OKAY [ 0.367s]
      finished. total time: 0.530s

      $ fastboot reboot [enter]

    • Your device should reboot with NEW BOOT SPLASH
  5. My HTC Sensastion with customs boot splash

  6. Image Files
  7. Finished

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