HTC EVO 4G Sprint Unbricked

SOFT BRICKED HTC EVO4G is not hard to be revived. By searching with help of stubborn giant software corporation Google, finally found a way to REVIVE The device

  • Logically by flashing stock RUU, the device will revive back, however the following situation prevent to flash stock RUU
  • RUU Available in Windows Platform, must start from ANDROID STATE, mean the device must boot into android, but the device can boot at hboot and fastboot state only
  • Flashing system.img, boot.img and recovery.img via FASTBOOT become impossible since the device is S - ON
  • Tested flash via fastboot ... IT WAS FAILED

As linux lover (I do not hate microsoft or dislike Apple), using Linux Machine to tweak android smart phone (IMHO) is really handy, unless the tools will not work on Linux. By Theory flashing RUU (Rom Update Utilities) in Linux should be possible, unfortunately, RUU is available on windows platform only. No worries a good independent developer released a Linux Tools named UNRUU. after successfully compiling UNRUU on gentoo machine, it is easy to use UNRUU to extract a ROM from RUU set.
  1. From Bricked HTC EVO4G have been known original Version Main is 3.70.651.1
  2. From XDA WIKI Page Stock Rom Version 3.70.651.1 is available

  3. Go, find It and Download
  4. Extract in RUU by using UNRUU from stock RUU

  5. Command is quiet simple

    unruu RUU_SuperSonic_S_Sprint_WWE_3.70.651.1_signed.exe and immediately o file named will be available
  6. Flashing via HTC oem RUU State by fastboot
  7. Presumable, we are in a folder and execute a command unruu RUU_SuperSonic_S_Sprint_WWE_3.70.651.1_signed.exe and is available
    • Boot phone into bootloader and then fastboot mode
    • Execute a command
    • $ fastboot oem rebootRUU

    • Device will turn into RUU Mode as below

    • Execute a command
    • fastboot flash zip

    • Device will on flashing mode

    • Computer screen will show the process



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