DEVICE MXNEC 307 BRAND MT6577 HW Finally achieved Permanent Root by following Yuweng Tutorial. Achieving ROOTED Device is NOT my final wish. It is great for having custom build kernel and custom ROM too. Before we can build custom android rom, we need to know what and how is actually the device Hardware. However almost impossible to find out device's hardware details, unless very general information related to MT6577 Chipset, Dual Core AMR7, 8 MP Camera, Baseband and Installed Android Version. We need details info, Touchscreen chipset, wifi chipset, but Not available on the Net. XDA Forum, one of best resource focused to Branded Phone, in which Branded Mean is BIG BRAND Like Samsung, HTC, Motorolla, Nokia, Sony, Nexus, ZTE, Huawei, comparing to all brands mentioned, MXNEC is like a clown

Faced weird problem on testing the tools, I flashed WRONG RECOVERY IMAGE before having a back up file of recovery, mean I have NOT Recovery in my device either stock one or custom CWR. Thus hunting fit recovery image for MXNEC 307 is like searching a peanut bean in the amazon jungle. ONLINE RECOVERY BUILDER can help you to build a custom recovery for your android device. What can I do, I HAVE NO RECOVERY FILE since one in the live device have been wiped by my fools.

Found ZTE V970 Device is look similar with MXNEC 307, by chance ZTE V970 have custom Recovery image, downloaded and Flashed ... wow, recovery is booting, but weird face. I leave ZTE V970 recovery live in MXNEC 307. Safely backed up, whole rom including : boot.img, systemext4.img, uboot.bin and wrong recovery. Some of annoying in this device : in live device No config.gz file available, even a MT6577 KERNEL SOURCE available at Github, extracted config file from boot.img by extract-ikconfig said : no config file ..... arrggghhhhh . I really desperate with this device. It is like walking in the dark.
Another Customs Recovery for Similar Device is for HUAWEI SHINE U8836D, downloaded and flashed ..... Recovery booting with more weird face :

Partition Layout

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