Privacy Hacker Danasoft

This is Just a thought, using a software like at danasoft privacy hacking vulgarly should be restricted at public forum like XDA FORUM and others. This danasoft is not harmful just annoying toward other users, Internet is not easy world to be handled, most people almost can do everything they wants, however by supporting healthy internet attitude. I believed it is worth for whole humanity
Danasoft create a software to parse information about your IP Address, ISP, Opearting System and Browser. I personally don't mind everybody knows what is my IP Address, ISP, Operating System and Browser I used, but some people probably feel uncomfort or annoyed :-)
I did a little test with MIDORI Internet Browser a lightweight but mighty web browser .... LOL , Midori Browser has a feature to act as Automatic, Midori, Firefox, iPhone, Safari, Internet Explorer and Customs, just install MIDORI Browser, go to Setting Tab > Preference, Network choose from drop down menu an attitude you like.

These SCREENSHOT is self explanatory

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