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GPG JTAG BOX aka GPG JTAG PRO in one of popular Smart Phone Repair Box available in Market, supported 150 Models of High End smart phone from Various International vendors like : HTC, Samsung, DELL, Huawei, LG, ZTE, Sony Ericsson . In Jakarta, Market Price at level IDR 1.150.000 = USD 120

I faced hazle problem when Setting Up and Installing USB Serial Drivers for win 7 x86-64, presumable drivers from retailer is the best, but IT IS NOT WORK, Microsoft Windows well known as hazle free for installing any drivers, as long as the driver available, at Device Manager, the cable recognized as USB <-> Serial, once the box connected to PC, windows said, drivers install failed. Seraching at Google and no clear guide to help. From Linux then I can easily know from output of lsusb command, the cable is FTDI , JUST download and install FTDI Drivers, then connected box to PC, windows will properly install FTDI Drivers.

I'm NOT SUCH A TECHIE PERSON, Flashing, Tweaking, Repairing, android building, linux kernel compiling for SMART PHONE Is a Hobby , a lot of thing I do not know how to do, but I wish to learn and learn. Learning by doing is the best, since by doing, we will have great psychological situations and experience and learn from REAL WORLD. I did successfully repair Bricked Android Sony Ericsson, HTC, iPhone, Blackberry,Nokia and some Non Smart Phone in my repair table with exciting.

Lenovo B240-4404 Series All in one Desktop, Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2120 CPU @ 3.30GHz CPU, and 2 x 8 GB Physical RAM is working horse, powered by dual booting Gentoo Linux amd64 and windows 7 ultimate x86_64

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Brief Check-List for STS Operations in Indonesia

A. STS Basic Equipment

  1. Pneumatic Rubber Fender also well known in Indonesia as Yokohama Type Fender : Quantity and Size depending on size of Mother Vessel and Daughter Vessel involving on sts operations, the most considerable is LOA both ship
    • Mother Vessel 7,000 - 50,000 DWT against Daughter Vessel 5,000 - 50,000 DWT used : 2.5m x 5.5m c/w swivels, shackles & moorings Chain Tyre Net
    • Mother Vessel 7,000 - 13,000 DWT against Daughter Vessel 1,500 - 13,000 DWT used : 1.5 x 3.0m c/w swivels, shackles & moorings Chain Tyre Net
    • Note : Various size of Pnuematic Rubber Fender
    • 4.5m x 9.0m (Jumbo) c/w swivels, shackles & moorings Chain Tyre Net
    • 3.3m x 6.5m c/w swivels, shackles & moorings Chain Tyre Net
    • 2.5m x 5.5m c/w swivels, shackles & moorings Chain Tyre Net
    • 2.0m x 3.5m c/w swivels, shackles & moorings Chain Tyre Net
    • 1.0m x 1.5m c/w swivels, shackles & moorings Chain Tyre Net
  2. Hoses
  3. Most Used :
    • Type 241 Dunlop 6” dia x 40 meter transfer hose
    • Various Common Size
      Well Known as Bunkering Hose
    • Type 241 Dunlop 4” dia x 40 meter transfer hose
    • Type 241 Dunlop 6” dia x 40 meter transfer hose
    • Type 241 Dunlop 8” dia x 40 meter transfer hose
    • Well Known as Transferring Hose
    • Type 433 Dunlop 10” dia x 10 meters
    • Type 433 Dunlop 12” dia x 10 meters

  4. Oil Fence Boom
  5. in very common practise oil fence boom required is LOA biggest vessel involve in STS x 2.5
  6. Supporting Equipment
    • Walky Talky for easy communication (Cellular Phone is Restricted to be operated during sts operations, unless at certain safe place)
    • Additional Rope
    • Crew Boat for Personnel Transport / Mobilization
    • Mooring Boat
    • Personnel safety equipment : Safety shoes, Helmet, Life Jacket, Glasses, Masker
B. STS Personnel Requirement
  1. Mooring Master / Loading Master
  2. It is very important To Employee certified Mooring Master and Loading Master to be the The Top Leader at STS Operations to Assist Both Master on Command of involving STS Fleet, Mooring Master Must Stay the whole time during STS Operations.
  3. Mooring Gang & Fender Technician Watchman
  4. At least 2 x 2 skilled person utilized as Mooring Gang to assist Ship's crew during mooring / unmooring and watching the fender during STS Operations
  5. Hose Technician Watchman
  6. At least 2 x 2 skilled person utilized as Hose Technician for Connecting / Disconnecting cargo hose ( Hose Technician Must follow Master / Loading Master Command for connecting and disconnecting cargo Hoses) and watching the Hoses during STS Operations
  7. Ship's Crew
C. STS Permit Requirement
A skilled good knowledge Ships Agent Must be appointed to Handle Vessel Permit
  1. Standard IN / OUT Port Clearance Formalities for all vessels involving in the STS operations
    • In and Out Port Immigration Clearance
    • In and Out Port Customs Clearance (for Imported Cargo only)
    • In and Out Port Health Clearance
    • In and Out Port/Harbour Master Clearance
  2. Obtain STS Permit from appropriate Harbour Master and Port Authority related to Cargo Operations
    • Apply and Obtain Permit for Dangerous Cargo Operations (in Case the cargo is classified as Dangerous Cargo)
    • Apply and Obtain Permit for S.T.S Cargo Operations
D. Imported Cargo Related
For a vessel calling Indonesian Port for STS Operations and Carry IMPOTED CARGO a CUSTOMS CARGO AGENT Must be appointed separately, due to Government Regulation in Indonesia a ship agent is PROHIBITTED to be an Customs Cargo Agent, since both is DIFFERENT LEGAL ENTITY.
Customs Cargo Agent played Very Important Role. Imported cargo will NOT PERMITTING to be discharged, unless every single matters on Customs and Taxation Matters WELL CLEARED, Customs Cargo Agent handled very critical part on cargo STS Operations Permit, they have to walk through long process and BIT complicated deal with State Customs Officers.

Customs Line Categorization
Indonesian Customs Office Categorized into TWO CATEGORY for Cargo Customs Clearance process, GREEN LINE and RED LINE. This is little Vague and uncommon terminology and hard to be understood, even by Indonesians.
  1. Cargo Categorized as GREEN LINE
  2. Normal / Standard Process of Cargo Customs Clearance with quick and light cargo on the spot Inspection by Standard level Customs Officers, and inspection carried out all time (Holiday Include).
  3. Cargo Categorized as RED LINE
  4. Standard Process of Cargo Customs Clearance with DEEP AND DETAILS On the SPOT Inspection by Higher level of Customs Officers and Inspections carried out ONLY DURING OFFICE WORKING DAYS
THERE IS NO CERTAIN GUIDE, an Imported Cargo Categorized as GREEN LINE or RED LINE, It is Customs Officer fully authorized policy in categorizing imported cargo, thus NO AVAILABLE Tools for Agent in preparing situation an imported cargo will be categorized as Green Line or Red Line. Upon an Imported Cargo categorized as RED LINE, discharging cargo operations usually will be delayed TWO WORKING DAYS Than expected, and will be worse on WEEK END.

E. For Every One Attentions
It is very helpful for Ships Agent and Customs Cargo Agent to present best service and avoiding unneccessary delay by HAVING COPY of CARGO SHIPPING DOCUMENTS as early as possible, especially for vessel ETA during WEEK END.

F. Brief Operations
  1. Tug Assistance
  2. Tug Assistance is almost Mandatory for Manoeuvre of Daughter Vessel to approach and safe alongside to Mother Vessel, at least ONE TUG BOAT is required, unless the daughter vessel equipped with good bow thruster and commanded by great Master.

  3. Fender Rigging at Mother Vessel
Above brief is considering in general practise only, CAN NOT be used to refer International Standard STS Operations, since International Standard Operations must refers to applicable MARPOL, OICMF and Other Respected Regulations

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Zyrex OneScribe ZA985 Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Part-2

OneScribe ZA-985 by Zyrex is great device, released with Android 4.0, upgradable to 4.1 Jelly Bean. Unfortunately, zyrex vendor did not provide ONLINE AFTER SALES SERVICE for upgrading the OS, user need to visit Zyrex Service Center to upgrade their device :D ...

No need to worry, android is also supported by great community, the following is a GUIDE to upgrade Zyrex OneScribe ZA985 to Android 4.1.X Jelly Bean
  1. Root ZA 985 by following THIS GUIDE
  2. Create ZA985 a customs Recovery (CWR / TWRP) by following THIS GUIDE
  3. Flash ZA985 with CWR / TWRP by following THIS GUIDE

From some TEST the following Device is " IDENTICAL WITH ONESCRIBE ZA985 ZYREX " but mostly camera NOT Work
    Mean you can EXCHANGED the rom with very little modifications on
    • kernel boot.img:
    • Library
    • /system/lib/hw/
    • /system/lib/
    • /system/lib/
    • /system/lib/
    • /system/

    • Mean we must take above files from proved Running ROM from your device to NEWLY ported rom

    DOWNLOAD PORTED ROM YOUR CHOICE ( All Credit Goes to Original ROM Maker )

  1. KATA -i1 : Ported to : ZA 985 Jelly Bean 4.1.2

  2. Acer Liquid E1 Model V360 : (ORIGINAL ROM ) ( rom THREAD Forum ) Ported to : ZA 985 JELLY BEAN 4.1.2

  3. ZTE V970 : ( Original ROM by bgcngm ) >> Ported Rom for ZA 985 Jelly Bean 4.1.1

Flash Via CWR / TWRP
Alternate DOWNLOAD
  1. Alternate Link 01

  2. Alternate Link 02

  3. Alternate Link 03

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Oppo R-8113 Zyrex ZA-985 Comparison

Look like, OPPO FIND PIANO R-8113 starting her market penetration into one of Biggest Smart phone market in the world, Indonesia successfully. This entry class of Android Device gaining great attention among users. Oppo R-8113 have been released in PRC, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. The retail price for Oppo R-8113 is IDR 1,999,000.-. Zyrex, an Indonesia Mational Smart Phone Vendor released OneScribe ZA-985 with Exactly Similar Retail Price IDR 1,999,000. Probably Zyrex Market Penetration Not as good as OPPO, due to IN FACT ZA-985 is BETTER PRODUCT in all respects comparing to R-8113.

Display Size
Rear Camera
Front Camera
Retail Price
Dual Core MT6577 1.0 Ghz
512 MB
4 inch
WXGA 800 x 400 PX
4 GB
5 MP
Android V.4.1 Jelly Bean
3 MP
IDR 1,999,000.-
1710 mAh
Dual GSM-GSM Micro SIM
Dual Core MT6577 1.0 Ghz
1024 MB
4.5 Inch
QHD 920 x 540 PX
4 GB
8 MP
Android 4.0 ICS
3 MP
IDR 1,999,000.-
1600 mAh
Dual GSM-GSM Micro SIM

  • Oppo R-8113 implemented Oppo UI, GSM Call ALWAYS ASK (mean user can choose before calling to call by using SIM 1 or SIM 2), TEXT (sms) default SIM, User only have option to send text by using default SIM, if user set SIM 1 as default SIM, before sending user only able to send TEXT by using SIM 1, to change the default SIM user must go to setting panel. Very annoying.
  • Zyrex ZA-985 Implementing Plain AOSP, with ALWAYS ASK Feature for GSM Calling, TEXT and Data Connection, this feature is very handy

Conclusion : No doubt consumer must Grab Zyrex ZA-985 rather than Oppo R-8113 at exactly similar price level.

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