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HTC Hater and Lover

It is just a NORMAL THINGS , some people hate a product where other people loving. If you were reading COMMENTS ON GSM ARENA WEB SITE , to the product HTC 8S Smart Phone . Many of Haters commented about This HTC 8S. I was one of HTC LOVERs which collected more than 10 UNITs of HTC Products. I bought HTC Dream G-1 in 2008, because she run Android OS and I loved Android since she run on Linux Kernel ... :) , thus in fact I'm a Linux Lover

The main reason I bought HTC 8 S Running Windows 8 Phone OS , because of HER ORANGE COLOR , Nothing else, I love orange. HTC 8 S, IMHO is great device with funky but elegant appearance, I do like very much her simple design. During the last two years, I never bought BRAND NEW PHONE , most of my phone collection I bought from TOKO BAGUS, the best online Market in Indonesia. HTC 8 S running smoothly and fit with my needs. I did with the phone for Voice Call, Texting, Checking and Reply Email, little browsing and Listening Music ... Yes, I'm Not phone Hardcore user

With humble kind of usage, HTC 8 S can stand for 48 hours in my hand, thus every two days, need to be re-charged, Windows 8 can syncing with my online Google Phone Book nicely and accessing my gmail smoothly. I never face any problem with HTC 8 S during last two months. Sound Quality is very goods, the beats audio technology presenting great sound of music, Voice Call quality and Signal also Good either by using standard voice, speaker of Head Set. I have no reason to Complaining this product. As I do like 4 inchies screen, HTC 8 S is fit with my requirement. The OS Running smoother comparing to Android 4.0 on similar spec of device. 512 MB Ram is considering as Low end device today, but HTC 8 S running really smooth with that amount of RAM (512 MB).

Frankly speaking, Theming and User Interface for Windows 8 phone is boring, and Not Really user friendly, the item ease of access in setting , sound vague to cover in managing Font Size, Screen Brightness and Screen Magnifier. The only way of operating I complaining is to wake up phone via Power Button, and it is common for various devices. In This respect Samsung have Better and Smarter Idea by waking up the phone from sleep via Home Button and it is very useful and handy for Big Screen devices

HTC .... keep your good work

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QSD8K Camera Hal ICS for Dell Venue

CM9 For Dell Venue suffering on NON WORKING Camera.

It have been realized, Android is "opensource" but the DEVICE is NOT, There are many PROPRIETARIES component in an Android Device, as well as your Linux Machines. Well, most of proprietary component in android device are HARDWARE DRIVERS including CAMERA DRIVERS , thus very difficult for Independent / Free / Community Base ANDROID DEVELOPER like Cyanogen Mod Project , AOKP, AOSP , Evervolv , CAF, MIUI To tackle this matters

Community and Android Users, who do like, Developing, Tweaking, Customizing ... Must Thanking to People who founded and actively participating above Community Projects, their existence and contributions are VERY VALUABLE toward providing good code, system and the most important is PROVIDING A LEARNING SPACE for probably millions users.

As a Happy Owner of DELL VENUE I have been tweaking this device since 2012, Dell Venue is My 2nd favourite device after immortal HTC HD2 ... unlike HTC HD2 which become very popular device, Dell Venue is like forgotten device with very limited information available on the NET space. Thus bit difficult to tweak this device

AFAIK ... XDA FORUM is the only free forum available serving information for tweaking, customizing, and rom developing. At the time most devices went to Android 4.2.2 ... custom ROM available for Dell Venue is stuck at Android 4.0, my own build is suffering with NON WORKING CAMERA (other basic function are working : GSM, 3d data connection, wifi, bluetooth). With help of GOOGLE and poking the device, we come into sure, Dell Venue Camera is powered by ov8810 (Omni Vision)

The Camera Drivers IT SELF is available in the Dell Venue Kernel Source, but Android implemented HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) , in simple word, it is a layer to bring Camera into proper function on operations. Qualcom Camera HAL source code is available in Android Source Tree, thus our job is actually just to find a way how to build in proper manner to make Camera App working. I personally desperate and bit frustate with this FUNKY ANDROID DEVICE, with very limited personal capability and knowledge, I did poking fest to build .... BUT UP TO THIS POINT OF TIME .... No Lucks

I used this files by RAMVP78 at Github, but look like it is hard coded for Nexus One (Passion) Device, Evervolv Code in my personal opinion is best code for qsd8k qcom camera , build succesfully under Evervolv Source Tree

Camera Basically Work

Camera Work

Camera APP Timed Out

This is Logcating info from the device
D/QcomCamera( 96): HAL_get_camera_info: loading libcamera at 0xb000e8a8
V/CameraHolder( 768): open camera 0
D/QcomCamera( 96): HAL_get_camera_info: loading libcamera at 0xb000e8a8
I/CameraService( 96): Opening camera 0
D/QcomCamera( 96): loading libcamera at 0xb000e8a8
D/QualcommCameraHardware( 96): createInstance: E
D/QualcommCameraHardware( 96): Storing the current target type as 1
D/QualcommCameraHardware( 96): constructor EX
D/QualcommCameraHardware( 96): startCamera E
D/QualcommCameraHardware( 96): loading liboemcamera at 0xb000ead8
I/QualcommCameraHardware( 96): Set main cam and main cam only
I/mm-camera-mmap( 96): set sensor selection :0
D/PrintK ( 96): <6>msm_camera: msm_camio_enable: turn on camera power
D/PrintK ( 96): <6>vreg_enable: wlan enabled
D/PrintK ( 96): <6>vreg_enable: gp5 enabled
D/PrintK ( 96): <6>vreg_enable: msme2 enabled
D/PrintK ( 96): <6>vreg_enable: gp3 enabled
D/ConnectivityService( 169): handleInetConditionHoldEnd: net=0, condition=0, published condition=0
W/PrintK ( 96): ov8810 model_id = 0x88 0x13
I/QualcommCameraHardware( 96): Open Device node : /dev/msm_camera/control0
I/mm-camera-config( 96): cam_conf fd cfgctrl.camfd:0
I/mm-camera-config( 96): Open config device node : /dev/msm_camera/config0
I/ ( 96): [AWB Calibration]:ctrlfd:19
I/ ( 96): [AWB Calibration] read fuse ID fail
I/ ( 96): [AWB Calibration] cfg.fuse_id_word1:0x0
I/ ( 96): [AWB Calibration] cfg.fuse_id_word2:0x0
I/ ( 96): [AWB Calibration] cfg.fuse_id_word3:0x0
I/ ( 96): [AWB Calibration] cfg.fuse_id_word4:0x0
W/PrintK ( 96): msm_get_sensor_info: sensor_name ov8810_abico
E/mm-camera-config( 96): config_init_ctrl: cam_conf_get_sensor_info failed!


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StkSelection Best Dual Sim Feature

No doubt, dual SIM Smart Phone today getting more and more popular. Pioneering by small vendor at China, dual sim smart phone spread out all over the world. International Brands, like HTC, SAMSUNG, LG, SONY, ZTE, Lenovo, Huawei and New Comer OPPO released several model of Android Phone featured by DUAL SIM CARD, for keep their market. Small Vendors all over the world and probably only exist in certain countries with Huge Populations grabbed popularity on ther devices

Design Interface for Dual Sim devices are vary. It is found out most MTK Devices having " better interface and usability ". For sure, usability is also depending and user feeling and interest. I don't know if other model thank MTK devices having similar feature. But look like feature Stkselection is the common feature in MTK Devices which is VERY HANDY
I don't really know what is the exact name of this feature, and I saw there is Filename.apk file in the device named Stkselection.apk and I believed resposible for this feature :

How is work
Upon user going to send Text message, Media Message, Making Voice Call and other activity related to Cellular SIM , the APP will let user to choose WHICH SIM will be use for sending message or making voice call as shown in the following photos :

This kind of feature found at devices :
Lenovo P700i
Lenovo S880
MX Nec M307
MX Nex M304
Zyrex OneScribe ZA-985
IMO Miracle S89

Other Brand Device Feature

Samsung Galaxy : Ace Duo, Grand DUOS, LG P698-dual, L7-II Dual, Oppo Find Piano, HTC Desire VC having dual sim feature. For Samsung Galaxy Ace DUO, dual sim feature with default SIM, mean if a user going to make call with SIM No 1 and at that time the default SIM is No 2, user MUST CHANGE THE DEFAULT SIM FIRST, then make call or sending Text. Samsung Galaxy Grand DUOs, improve this feature by having option before sending Text. LG L7-II having similar with Samsung, but this device equipped by Sim Changer Button, Oppo Find Piano is worse since thsi device only can send Text by using ONE DEFAULT SIM, No option to choose.
I don't know if dual sim feature on most MTK Devices is Patented, thus International Vendor like, Samsung, LGE, HTC, OPPO. SONY can not adapt Stkselection Feature . as Lenovo did at their STK Based Device

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