QSD8K Camera Hal ICS for Dell Venue

CM9 For Dell Venue suffering on NON WORKING Camera.

It have been realized, Android is "opensource" but the DEVICE is NOT, There are many PROPRIETARIES component in an Android Device, as well as your Linux Machines. Well, most of proprietary component in android device are HARDWARE DRIVERS including CAMERA DRIVERS , thus very difficult for Independent / Free / Community Base ANDROID DEVELOPER like Cyanogen Mod Project , AOKP, AOSP , Evervolv , CAF, MIUI To tackle this matters

Community and Android Users, who do like, Developing, Tweaking, Customizing ... Must Thanking to People who founded and actively participating above Community Projects, their existence and contributions are VERY VALUABLE toward providing good code, system and the most important is PROVIDING A LEARNING SPACE for probably millions users.

As a Happy Owner of DELL VENUE I have been tweaking this device since 2012, Dell Venue is My 2nd favourite device after immortal HTC HD2 ... unlike HTC HD2 which become very popular device, Dell Venue is like forgotten device with very limited information available on the NET space. Thus bit difficult to tweak this device

AFAIK ... XDA FORUM is the only free forum available serving information for tweaking, customizing, and rom developing. At the time most devices went to Android 4.2.2 ... custom ROM available for Dell Venue is stuck at Android 4.0, my own build is suffering with NON WORKING CAMERA (other basic function are working : GSM, 3d data connection, wifi, bluetooth). With help of GOOGLE and poking the device, we come into sure, Dell Venue Camera is powered by ov8810 (Omni Vision)

The Camera Drivers IT SELF is available in the Dell Venue Kernel Source, but Android implemented HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) , in simple word, it is a layer to bring Camera into proper function on operations. Qualcom Camera HAL source code is available in Android Source Tree, thus our job is actually just to find a way how to build in proper manner to make Camera App working. I personally desperate and bit frustate with this FUNKY ANDROID DEVICE, with very limited personal capability and knowledge, I did poking fest to build .... BUT UP TO THIS POINT OF TIME .... No Lucks

I used this files by RAMVP78 at Github, but look like it is hard coded for Nexus One (Passion) Device, Evervolv Code in my personal opinion is best code for qsd8k qcom camera , build succesfully under Evervolv Source Tree

Camera Basically Work

Camera Work

Camera APP Timed Out

This is Logcating info from the device
D/QcomCamera( 96): HAL_get_camera_info: loading libcamera at 0xb000e8a8
V/CameraHolder( 768): open camera 0
D/QcomCamera( 96): HAL_get_camera_info: loading libcamera at 0xb000e8a8
I/CameraService( 96): Opening camera 0
D/QcomCamera( 96): loading libcamera at 0xb000e8a8
D/QualcommCameraHardware( 96): createInstance: E
D/QualcommCameraHardware( 96): Storing the current target type as 1
D/QualcommCameraHardware( 96): constructor EX
D/QualcommCameraHardware( 96): startCamera E
D/QualcommCameraHardware( 96): loading liboemcamera at 0xb000ead8
I/QualcommCameraHardware( 96): Set main cam and main cam only
I/mm-camera-mmap( 96): set sensor selection :0
D/PrintK ( 96): <6>msm_camera: msm_camio_enable: turn on camera power
D/PrintK ( 96): <6>vreg_enable: wlan enabled
D/PrintK ( 96): <6>vreg_enable: gp5 enabled
D/PrintK ( 96): <6>vreg_enable: msme2 enabled
D/PrintK ( 96): <6>vreg_enable: gp3 enabled
D/ConnectivityService( 169): handleInetConditionHoldEnd: net=0, condition=0, published condition=0
W/PrintK ( 96): ov8810 model_id = 0x88 0x13
I/QualcommCameraHardware( 96): Open Device node : /dev/msm_camera/control0
I/mm-camera-config( 96): cam_conf fd cfgctrl.camfd:0
I/mm-camera-config( 96): Open config device node : /dev/msm_camera/config0
I/ ( 96): [AWB Calibration]:ctrlfd:19
I/ ( 96): [AWB Calibration] read fuse ID fail
I/ ( 96): [AWB Calibration] cfg.fuse_id_word1:0x0
I/ ( 96): [AWB Calibration] cfg.fuse_id_word2:0x0
I/ ( 96): [AWB Calibration] cfg.fuse_id_word3:0x0
I/ ( 96): [AWB Calibration] cfg.fuse_id_word4:0x0
W/PrintK ( 96): msm_get_sensor_info: sensor_name ov8810_abico
E/mm-camera-config( 96): config_init_ctrl: cam_conf_get_sensor_info failed!


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