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No doubt, dual SIM Smart Phone today getting more and more popular. Pioneering by small vendor at China, dual sim smart phone spread out all over the world. International Brands, like HTC, SAMSUNG, LG, SONY, ZTE, Lenovo, Huawei and New Comer OPPO released several model of Android Phone featured by DUAL SIM CARD, for keep their market. Small Vendors all over the world and probably only exist in certain countries with Huge Populations grabbed popularity on ther devices

Design Interface for Dual Sim devices are vary. It is found out most MTK Devices having " better interface and usability ". For sure, usability is also depending and user feeling and interest. I don't know if other model thank MTK devices having similar feature. But look like feature Stkselection is the common feature in MTK Devices which is VERY HANDY
I don't really know what is the exact name of this feature, and I saw there is Filename.apk file in the device named Stkselection.apk and I believed resposible for this feature :

How is work
Upon user going to send Text message, Media Message, Making Voice Call and other activity related to Cellular SIM , the APP will let user to choose WHICH SIM will be use for sending message or making voice call as shown in the following photos :

This kind of feature found at devices :
Lenovo P700i
Lenovo S880
MX Nec M307
MX Nex M304
Zyrex OneScribe ZA-985
IMO Miracle S89

Other Brand Device Feature

Samsung Galaxy : Ace Duo, Grand DUOS, LG P698-dual, L7-II Dual, Oppo Find Piano, HTC Desire VC having dual sim feature. For Samsung Galaxy Ace DUO, dual sim feature with default SIM, mean if a user going to make call with SIM No 1 and at that time the default SIM is No 2, user MUST CHANGE THE DEFAULT SIM FIRST, then make call or sending Text. Samsung Galaxy Grand DUOs, improve this feature by having option before sending Text. LG L7-II having similar with Samsung, but this device equipped by Sim Changer Button, Oppo Find Piano is worse since thsi device only can send Text by using ONE DEFAULT SIM, No option to choose.
I don't know if dual sim feature on most MTK Devices is Patented, thus International Vendor like, Samsung, LGE, HTC, OPPO. SONY can not adapt Stkselection Feature . as Lenovo did at their STK Based Device

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