Bare Minimum Plasma-Desktop by Gentoo 13.0

LTS Ubuntu 16.04 have been released 2 months ago, I personally loved stable version on any application software. A new used box Lenovo T430 handed. What is the purpose of this laptops (?), very important to determine before buying a computer machine, since we must consider what Operating system and application will be sit in the box. As long time linux user, there is no other options, I must install Single boot Linux. It has been ambiguity to choose Linux Distro. Gentoo is my favorite meta distro all time, but I also love ubuntu.
The Box
Lenovo T430, Powered by Inter 3rd gen i5 3320M @ 2.60 Ghz, 2 x 8 GB DDR3 RAM INSTALLED, 320 GB SATA 3 storage, NITS Display with 1600 x 900 screen resolution in 14" LCD. Distro Choice
By choosing ubuntu 16.04 I'm on the stability consideration. I wish the box will be a box for Office Work Station, Listening Music, Watching Video, else, Android Rom Compiling, Tweak Smart Phones, and Little software development on odoo frameworks. But for some folks, ubuntu 16.04 is not stable enough
Software Landscape
Operating System Testing
Ubuntu 16.04 x86_64 with Linux Kernel 4.4.0 amd64
Application Installed
  1. Ubuntu base system
  2. Bare Minimum Plasma Destop
  3. Libre Office 5.1
  4. Firefox and Vivaldi Browser
  5. Krita, Gwenview, Inkscape, Ksnapshot
  6. VLC and Clementine Music Player
  7. Set of Tools for Android ROM development
  8. Android Studio IDE and Android SDK
  9. Odoo version 9
  10. Xterm, Konsole
  11. Dolphin File Manager
  12. Telegram and Whatsie IM
  13. openjdk-8-jdk, openjdk-7-jdk
I have tried ubuntu 16.04 installing by using net-boot, everything just fine "just work" as expected. From base system (command line), very nice to pick bare minimum Plasma Desktop from KDE up by typing # apt-get install plasma-desktop ubuntu will grab 601 package with SDDM as default in 14.04 the similar phrase will grab 630 package with lightDM as default in 14.04 phrase # apt-get install kde-plasma-desktop, will grab 664 packages. with KDM as default. ...... Testing "Kubuntu 16.04" for 4 days.
In fact, I always want to back to Gentoo for any reason, but installing gentoo always paint, learning some article about shinny ArchLinux the Golden son of Gentoo. I have no time to learn command of New Distro, then back to grandFather .... Gentoo Linux. The most reason my return to gentoo is, OpenRC, I did not search a lot, but default ubuntu 16.04 with K-Plasma using systemD. Gentoo offering nice profile Desktop/Plasma with OpenRC. No doubt systemD is nice and great modern init system ... I just wanna to stay in the comfort zone and wish to enjoy shinny Plasma.
I keep ubuntu up for comfortable in installing Gentoo, chrooting from ubuntu will be less hazzle and comfort, and I have prepared the partition accordingly in 320 GiB SATA HDD
/dev/sda1 EFI Partition 65 MiB mounted /boot/efi
/dev/sda2 EXT3 30 Gib mounted / [gentoo root]
/dev/sda3 EXT3 30 Gib mounted / [ubuntu root]
/dev/sda4 EXT4 60 Gib mounted /home [shared gentoo and ubuntu]
/dev/sda5 EXT4 98 Gib mounted /store [for storing any file including gentoo portage]
/dev/sda6 EXT4 99 Gib mounted /droid [for android and odoo development]
/dev/sda7 SWAP 512 Mib
It was old fashion to prepare 2 x RAM for swap. NOTE : I don't like hybernate, just suspend to RAM. Just Imagine by having 16 GB RAM, the rule of swap 2 x RAM = 32 GiB ??? No way.
The most reason returning to gentoo linux for someone who do like Android ROM building and other stuff to Android is the preference, linux host must be amd64 profile multilib. Gentoo provide emul-linux-x86-*. Installing [SEPARATE] x86 [ abi_x86_32 ] libs on 64 bit system, will decrease performance, due to difference version of a package. Example you have package aaaa-v2 on 64 but binary package only provide aaa-v1 on 32. This will creating a bottle neck. I did not find a better way from gentoo to make all package on the similar version with capability to run in 64 and 32. In this case, the power of portage will help, since the distro compile everything as you need. Portage Power
Portage have USE Flags \multilib \ and option ABI_X86="32 64" with this feature enabled, everything package required "multilib" will be compiled congruently in 32 as well as 64, thus bottle neck flush out from out system. System will be stable and consistence.

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